Angel City Sports Adaptive Outrigger Paddling

On this beautiful Saturday morning at Newport Beach Aquatic Center in Newport Beach, CA Cameron and I had the opportunity to volunteer once again for Angel City Sports. This time it was a clinic for Adaptive Outrigger Paddling instruction. The clinic was specifically for the blind and visually impaired community, with its goal to make them comfortable with the sport. The Attendees offering was a general introduction to outrigger paddling. They were instructed in basic safety and rowing, parts of the canoe and then applied it all by paddling around beautiful Newport bay.

We had envisioned capturing this event from the shore. To our surprise, we were put on a launch, following the paddleboat. That made our long traffic haul more than worthwhile. Cameron loves boating. This was the first time we had ever shot this kind of sport and to be on the back of a boat or more accurately the back of launch made it even more exciting. To be on the water itself was great as well as capturing these type of images. We had an amazing "Wow" view of the bay. If the chance comes to take a clinic like this do not miss it, or as they say "you will never know what you missed."

We had the opportunity to meet Camille Mahlkenecht, Angel City Sports Program Manager, a wonderful lady full of energy. Cameron and I are looking forward to continuing working with her. We offer a special thanks to R. J. De Rama, the talented and clever Sports Leader of the Clinic, for allowing us to shoot from the launch and Kekei Whitford for driving and her Photography knowledge that helped us to capture these special people's images.

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Written By:
Jaime & Cameron Robles