Dive into Adaptive Swimming with Angel City Sports!

Swimming became a part of the competition schedule at the 2017 Angel City Games, and we've hosted several adaptive swim clinics throughout LA over the past 2 years. Please support our efforts to add more Adaptive Swimming and other sports by contributing to our Fall Fundraising Drive at http://bit.ly/AngelCitySports2017

Swimming has been a part of the Paralympic program since the first Games in 1960 in Rome, Italy. Today, the races are highly competitive and among the largest and most popular events in the Paralympic Games. Paralympic swimming competitions occur in 50-meter pools and, while competing, no prostheses or assistive devices may be worn.

Rules for Paralympic or Adaptive Swimming competition are adapted from those set forth by the International Swimming Federation (FINA). Swimmers compete individually in backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, individual medley, and as teams in relay races. Competitors may start a race by standing on a platform and diving into the pool, as in non-disabled swimming, by sitting on the platform and diving in, or they may start the race in the water.
(Sources: US Paralympics Swimming; International Paralympic Committee)