Curl the Stone and Hit the Button with Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair curling is an adaptation of the sport of Curling for athletes with a disability affecting their lower limbs or gait, such as spinal injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or double leg amputation. Each team must be comprised of male and female players.

Wheelchair curling is played with the same rocks and on the same ice as regular curling, though the rocks are thrown from a stationary wheelchair and there is no sweeping. Rocks may be thrown by hand while leaning over the side of the wheelchair, or pushed by a delivery stick.
Wheelchair curling is governed by the World Curling Federation, and is one of the sports in the Paralympic Winter Games. The sport is practiced by athletes in 25 countries and the World Wheelchair Curling Championship is held every year except in years when the Paralympic Winter Games take place.
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