Age 10

Track & Field, Wheelchair Basketball


Facebook: /TeamEzra05

Twitter: @TeamEzra05

Instagram: @TeamEzra05


How did you feel after you competed for the first time?  At the (2013 UCO) Endeavor Games, I felt accomplished. I knew it was just the beginning and not the end.

Why do you want to compete? I love seeing what I can do … it’s exciting, thrilling!

Who inspires you? Three of my inspirations are:

  • Blake Leeper (a Track & Field competitor and bilateral below-the-knee amputee) has taught me so much about form, that he can get into the Olympics and how hard he tries (to meet goals)!

  • Nick Ekbatani because of his confidence, he’s so strong!

  • Pau Gasol because of how much love he has shown me, and how he handles criticism and his sportsmanship.

Favorite sport to play? Basketball and Track & Field … When I play basketball I feel at home, and don’t feel different. Track & Field because what person doesn’t like to run and throw stuff? [Editor’s note: Ezra is also an active player in Football, Soccer, Skateboarding, Swimming, Baseball and Golf.]

Favorite sport to watch? Basketball: I like to learn new moves. Football: It’s fun watching people tackle each other.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I’ll be 15, playing High School Basketball and hopefully every event at the Angel City Games (that year).

Where do you see yourself 10 years? At 20, playing College Basketball for UCLA … that’s what I hope. Also being a Paralympian and an Olympian in Track & Field.

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